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Completely happy Worldwide Cat Day! If you wish to rejoice Felis silvestris in all its furry glory, attempt sharing a number of the 50 bits of cat trivia under.

1. Cats spend round 30 to 50 p.c of their day grooming themselves. This conduct serves a number of functions: It helps cats tone down their scent to allow them to keep away from predators, it cools them down, it promotes blood stream, and it distributes pure oils evenly round their coat, permitting them to remain heat and dry. Grooming additionally serves as an indication of affection between two cats, and it’s thought that saliva accommodates enzymes that function a pure antibiotic for wounds.

2. Simply because a cat is purring doesn’t mean the cat is joyful. Cats usually make the sound once they’re content material, however in addition they purr once they’re sick, harassed, damage, or giving start.

three. Scientists don’t fairly know why cats purr, however one hypothesis is that the sound frequency of purring—between 25 and 150 Hertz—”can improve bone density and promote healing,” theorizes Leslie A. Lyons, an assistant professor on the College of Veterinary Drugs on the College of California, Davis, in an article for Scientific American. “Because cats have adapted to conserve energy via long periods of rest and sleep, it is possible that purring is a low energy mechanism that stimulates muscles and bones without a lot of energy.”

four. Ever surprise why catnip lulls felines right into a trance? The herb accommodates a number of chemical compounds, together with one known as nepetalactone, which a cat detects with receptors in its nostril and mouth. The compounds set off the standard odd behaviors you affiliate with the wacky kitty weed, together with sniffing, head shaking, head rubbing, and rolling round on the bottom.

5. Greater than half of the world’s felines don’t reply to catnip. Scientists nonetheless don’t know fairly why some kitties go loopy for the fragrant herb and others don’t, however they have discovered that catnip sensitivity is hereditary. If a kitten has one catnip-sensitive dad or mum, there’s a one-in-two likelihood that it’ll additionally develop as much as crave the plant. And if each dad and mom react to ‘nip, the percentages improve to not less than three in 4.

6. Can’t afford a personal eye? A feline would possibly have the option do the job at no cost. Within the 1960s, ambassador Henry Helb—who then lived within the Dutch Embassy in Moscow—observed that his two Siamese kitties have been arching their backs and clawing at one of many partitions. Helb had a hunch that the cats heard one thing he couldn’t, and certain sufficient, he found 30 tiny microphones hidden behind the boards.

As a substitute of busting the spies, Helb and his workers took benefit of the surveillance and griped about family repairs or packages caught in customs whereas standing in entrance of the mics. The eavesdroppers took care of their complaints—and other than Helb and his companions, nobody was the wiser.

7. Likelihood is, your cat hates your music—however they may like tunes written by composer David Teie, who partnered with animal scientists to make an album known as Music for Cats. Launched in 2015, the songs are “based on feline vocal communication and environmental sounds that pique the interest of cats,” Teie’s web site states.

Eight. If you happen to adore felines, you’re in good firm: Lots of historical past’s most well-known figures—together with Florence Nightingale, Pope Paul II, Mark Twain, and the Brontë sisters—all owned, and cherished, cats.

9. Nonetheless, the title of historical past’s craziest cat man would possibly go to Abraham Lincoln. Mary Todd Lincoln was as soon as requested if her husband had any hobbies. Her response? “Cats!”

10. A kindle isn’t simply an e-reader—it’s additionally a phrase that’s used to explain a group of kittens born to at least one mama cat. In the meantime, a gaggle of full-grown cats is named a clowder.

11. The Guinness World Information doesn’t award the world’s fattest pets since officers don’t wish to encourage individuals to overfeed their pets. However in 2003, a Siamese cat named Katy was a severe contender for the document. Katy, who lived in Asbest, Russia, was given hormones to cease her mating. The therapy had an unintended facet impact: It dramatically elevated her urge for food, and the hungry kitty ballooned to 50 kilos.

12. A wealthy British vintage supplier named Ben Rea cherished his cat Blackie a lot that when he died in 1988, he left most of his property—totaling almost $13 million—to the fortunate (albeit probably detached) feline. The cash was cut up amongst three cat charities, which had been instructed to regulate Rea’s beloved companion. To this present day, Blackie holds the Guinness World Document for Wealthiest Cat.

13. As for the world’s oldest dwelling cat, the title belongs to a sometimes-cranky white-and-orange kitty named Rubble, who celebrated his 30th birthday in June.

14. Ever questioned why your cat likes to rhythmically therapeutic massage you with its paws? Specialists haven’t discovered why cats like to knead, however they’ve provide you with a number of potential explanations, one being that your kitty is making an attempt to mark their “territory” (that’s you!) with the scent glands of their paws. And since kittens knead their mama’s stomach to stimulate milk manufacturing, there’s additionally an opportunity that they carry this conduct into maturity—a phenomenon often called a “neotenic behavior.”

15. Trying to elevate your vocabulary? Strive utilizing the phrase “ailurophile” in an informal dialog. It’s a elaborate phrase for “cat lover,” and it’s derived from the Greek phrase for cat, ailouros, and the suffix –phile, that means “lover.” Conversely, the phrase ailurophobe—a mixture of ailouros plus phobe—describes somebody who hates cats.

16. In 2015, a 6-by-Eight.5-foot oil portray billed because the “world’s largest cat painting” bought at public sale for greater than $820,000. It’s known as My Spouse’s Lovers, and it as soon as belonged to a rich philanthropist named Kate Birdsall Johnson. She cherished felines a lot that she owned dozens (some even say a whole lot) of kitties, and commissioned a painter to seize her Turkish Angoras and Persians of their pure factor. Since Johnson’s husband known as the clowder “my wife’s lovers,” the nickname was chosen because the art work’s title.

17. Opposite to in style perception, cats don’t all the time land on their ft once they fall. However most of the time, all 4 paws end up touching the ground. Cats have a incredible sense of stability, so that they’re capable of inform “up” from down and regulate their our bodies accordingly. In the event that they sense they’re plummeting downwards, they twist their versatile backbones mid-air, permitting them to proper themselves so that they don’t fall splat on their backs. Moreover, cats can unfold their legs out to “parachute” by means of the air, plus they’re additionally small, light-boned, and coated in thick fur—that means their fall isn’t going to be as arduous as, say, a canine’s.

18. In 2015, America’s most popular cat breed was the Exotic Shorthair—a flat-faced kitty that’s basically a short-haired model of a Persian cat. The second most beloved breed was the Persian, and Maine Coons ranked at No. three.

19. The musical Cats is predicated on a set of T.S. Eliot poems known as Previous Possum’s Guide of Sensible Cats. Revealed in 1939, it follows the whimsical antics of a gaggle of felines—however the manuscript was initially supposed to function canine, too. Ultimately, although, Eliot determined that “dogs don’t seem to lend themselves to verse quite so well, collectively, as cats.”

20. On October 18, 1963, French scientists used a rocket to launch the primary cat into area. The feline’s title was Félicette, and he or she made it safely to the bottom following a parachute descent.

21. A practice station in Southeastern Japan is presided over by an lovely “stationmaster”: a 6-year-old calico cat named Nitama. The Kishi practice station close to Wakayama Metropolis hired Nitama in 2015, just some months after its prior feline mascot, Tama, died from acute coronary heart failure on the age of 16.

22. Even in case you’re not allergic to cats, your cat might be allergic to you. One in 200 cats are believed to have bronchial asthma—and this quantity continues to rise amongst indoor kitties as they’re extra continuously uncovered to cigarette smoke, mud, human dandruff, and pollen.

23. Greyhound canine are those with a bus line named after them, however cats are fairly speedy, too: The typical operating feline can clock round 30 mph.

24. No one fairly is aware of why black cats are thought of to be bad luck, however this fable has continued throughout Western civilization for hundreds of years. Felines with darkish fur first turned linked with the Satan throughout the Center Ages, and when the Black Dying pandemic ravaged Europe within the mid-14th century, superstitious people responded by killing off the black cat inhabitants. Little did they know that vermin carried the lethal illness and that the rodent-eating cats truly helped curb its unfold. And black cats finally turned related to witches as a result of ladies accused of training black magic tended to undertake alley cats as companions.

25. Black cats are thought of to be a nasty omen within the U.S., however in Nice Britain and Japan, they’re perceived as auspicious. Within the English Midlands, new brides are given black cats to bless their marriage, and the Japanese imagine that black cats are good luck—significantly for single ladies. In the meantime, the Germans imagine black cat crossing your path from left to proper is ominous, but when the feline switches instructions and goes proper to left, it’s fortuitous.

26. The traditional Egyptians revered cats, and even worshiped a half-feline goddess named Bastet. Individuals who harmed or killed cats confronted harsh authorized sentences, together with the loss of life penalty.

27. The world’s first major cat show was held at London’s Crystal Palace in July 1871. Lots of of felines (and dozens of breeds) have been positioned on show, and round 200,000 visitors are stated to have attended the occasion.

28. Bear in mind Nyan Cat? The well-known viral meme of a grey kitty with a Pop-Tart physique who shoots rainbows from its posterior (the web, people!) was primarily based on a real-life feline: a Russian Blue named Marty, owned by Nyan cat illustrator Chris Torres.

29. Most cats weigh within the single or low-double digits, however some breeds are actually enormous. For example, Norwegian Forest Cats, Maine Coons, and Ragdolls usually vary in weight from 15 to 22 kilos.

30. Lengthy earlier than Keyboard Cat took the web by storm, inventor Thomas Edison filmed two kitties “boxing” inside a hoop. Created in 1894, the brief clip proves that people have been obsessive about cute cat movies since lengthy earlier than the arrival of YouTube.

31. Bear in mind Socks the Cat, the black-and-white tuxedo cat owned by Invoice Clinton’s household throughout his time within the Oval Workplace? Through the early 1990s, Tremendous Nintendo Leisure System created a online game called Socks the Cat, that includes the First Feline. It was by no means formally launched, and when the sport’s writer shut down, Socks the Cat was misplaced for years, till online game collector Tom Curtin purchased the (reportedly) solely present copy, bought the rights, and partnered with recreation writer Second Dimension to provide it a second life. Socks the Cat was slated for an official launch in 2017.

32. Some Maine Coon cats are born with six toes.

33. Sphinx cats don’t have fur coats, however their physique temperature continues to be 4 levels hotter than a typical feline.

34. Male cats have barbed penises. Whereas painful for the woman cat, they do serve a function: The barbs stimulate the vulva, permitting the feminine to ovulate, and so they additionally preserve her from escaping mid-coitus. (Felines are sometimes loners, and never that into intercourse.)

35. If you happen to went to school, you’re more likely to have a cat than a canine. In 2010, researchers from the College of Bristol surveyed 3000 individuals about their pets, geography, and scholastic historical past. They discovered that individuals with college levels have been 1.36 instances extra prone to personal a kitty than different pet house owners. This phenomenon is likely to be attributed to the truth that cats are low-maintenance, and due to this fact higher companions for achieved individuals with busy careers.

36. Why do cats love to cuddle up in boxes? Animal consultants suppose that the enclosed areas make felines really feel extra protected, safe, and vital—form of like they’re again within the womb. (Certain sufficient, researchers discovered that when shelter cats are supplied with bins to cuddle up in, they regulate sooner and are much less harassed than kitties that are not given bins.) Additionally, sleeping in a field would possibly assist a feline retain extra physique warmth so it stays good and toasty, and due to this fact relaxed.

37. Specialists suppose that cats hate water as a result of it’s uncomfortable to have soggy fur, or as a result of it’s scary for a kitty to lose management of its buoyancy.

38. Whereas many kitties hate water, not all do. Breeds together with the Turkish Van, Maine Coons, and Bengals are stated to enjoy taking a dip once in a while.

39. Cats are genetically predisposed to not be capable of taste sweets. They may probably nibble off your plate if it accommodates meat, however they’ll go away it alone if it’s laden with cake.

40. A cat has 244 bones in its complete physique—much more than a human, who solely has 206 bones.

41. No one is aware of fairly why cats meow, however consultants suppose they is likely to be channeling their internal kitten. Child cats make the plaintive noises to get their mom’s consideration, however as full-grown felines, they do not meow whereas interacting with different cats. Some consultants suppose that felines use the noises they made as infants with people to convey their feelings and bodily wants.

42. Cats sweat by means of their paws (and typically once they get extremely popular they pant).

43. In response to one estimate, a cat spends nearly two-thirds of its life asleep.

44. The enduring Algonquin Resort in midtown Manhattan owns a pampered lobby cat named Matilda III. She’s certainly one of 11 rescue felines which have lived within the storied establishment because the early 1920s.

45. Within the 1870s, town of Liège, Belgium tried to coach 37 cats to deliver the mail. Letters have been enclosed in waterproof baggage tied across the kitties’ necks, however it seems that cats weren’t nice at delivering the products on time (or to the proper handle).

46. Roughly 200 feral cats roam the grounds of Disneyland, the place they assist management the amusement park’s rodent inhabitants. They’re all spayed or neutered, and park staffers present them with medical care and additional meals.

47. The Hungarian phrase for “quotation marks,” macskaköröm, actually interprets to “cat claws.”

48. Napoleon, Caesar, Genghis Khan, and Hitler are all stated to have hated cats.

49. There are an estimated 74 to 96 million pet cats within the U.S. In distinction, there are solely an estimated 70 to 80 million canine.

50. A cat can jump as much as 5 instances its peak, or six instances its size—and make your entire factor look simple.

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