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13 Coincidences That Will Actually Creep You Out



Listed below are your 13 coincidences with a aspect order of creepy. On the home.

On November four, 2008 Barack Obama received the Presidential Election. On November 5, one of many profitable mixtures on the Illinois Lottery was 6-6-6.

South African astronomer Daniel du Toit had simply completed giving a lecture with the conclusion that loss of life might strike at anytime. Afterwards, he sat down and popped a peppermint in his mouth. Sadly, he choked to loss of life on that piece of sweet.

Through the manufacturing of Deus Ex (a online game launched in 2000), the event group forgot so as to add the Twin Towers. An in-game clarification was given: the buildings had been introduced down by a terrorist assault.


The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand sparked World Conflict I. He was shot down in a automobile that had the license plate A III 118. The conflict led to an armistice on 11-11-18, at 11 a.m.

In 2002, a seventy 12 months previous Finnish man was killed by a truck when he tried to cross a freeway on his bike. Two hours later, his similar twin was killed beneath the very same circumstances, lower than one mile down the identical freeway.

In 1883, Henry Ziegland dumped his longtime girlfriend. Heartbroken, she hanged herself. Her brother vowed to avenge her and hunted down Ziegland. When he lastly discovered him, he aimed for his head and shot. Ziegland fell to the bottom. The woman’s brother, believing he had exerted his vengeance, dedicated suicide with the identical gun. Little did he know that Ziegland would survive, for the bullet had merely grazed his cheek and lodged itself in a close-by tree.

A number of years later, Ziegland tried to chop down that specific tree. He had the sensible thought of utilizing dynamite and the ensuing explosion despatched the dormant bullet proper by means of his cranium. It appears the bullet refused to overlook its goal.

In 1838, Edgar Allan Poe revealed The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket. The novel consists of the story of 4 males stranded at sea after their ship sank. Determined, the boys kill and eat a cabin boy named Richard Parker.

Forty-six years later, a ship referred to as Mignonette suffered the identical destiny. The 4 ravenous survivors killed and ate the cabin boy whose actual title was -you guessed it- Richard Parker.

Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain was born in 1835, shortly after the looks of Halley’s Comet. Later in life, he predicted he would die when the comet returned. In 1910, sooner or later after Halley’s Comet appeared at its brightest, Mark Twain died of a coronary heart assault. Maybe Twain thought-about the comet a harbinger of loss of life. If that’s the case, he had good purpose. In 1222, because the comet handed close to Earth, it seemed to be shifting west. On the time, Genghis Khan was making ready for his invasion. Believing this was an indication, he additionally marched west, killing hundreds of thousands within the course of.


September 20th, 1911. The RMS Olympic, White Star Line’s lead transatlantic ocean liner collides with a British warship referred to as HMS Hawke. The Olympic suffers extreme injury to its hull and practically capsizes. Happily, no-one is significantly injured or killed.

Seven months later, the sinking of the Titanic would develop into one of many deadliest maritime disasters, claiming the lives of greater than 1,500 individuals.

Within the morning hours of November 21st, 1916, the White Star Line’s largest and newest Olympic class vessel, the HSMS Britannic was shook by an explosion. Fifty-five minutes later, it sank within the Mediterranean Sea. Thirty individuals lose their lives. It’s unclear whether or not the explosion was attributable to a torpedo or underwater mine.

What do all of those disasters on water have in widespread? Properly, moreover involving three out state-of-the-art passenger ships belonging to the identical transport firm? One stewardess/nurse was current on all of them when issues went unhealthy. She survived all of them, main some to consider she was an albatross.

A Frenchman referred to as Jean Marie Dubarry was executed for murdering his father on February 13, 1746. 100 years later, on the 13th of February, one other man was executed for patricide. His title? Jean Marie Dubarry.

A French Baron named Rodemire de Tarazone was killed by Claude Volbonne in 1872. Twenty years earlier, Baron de Tarazone’s father had been killed by a distinct man, additionally named Claude Volbonne.

King Umberto I of Italy was having dinner in a restaurant within the metropolis of Monza, on July 28th, 1900. To his astonishment, he discovered the restaurant’s proprietor regarded precisely like him and was additionally named Umberto. Moreover, their wives had the identical title and the restaurant had been opened on the identical day as King Umberto’s coronation. The following day, each Umbertos had been shot lifeless in unrelated incidents.


On November 26, 1911, three males had been convicted of murdering Sir Edmund Berry and had been promptly hanged at Greenberry Hill in London. The boys’s names had been Inexperienced, Berry and Hill.

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